Menstrupedia Comic : The Friendly Guide To Periods For Girls

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Menstrupedia Comic : The Friendly Guide To Periods For Girls 

Menstrupedia Comicis the period guide for girls ages 9 and up. In this book you’ll find answers to questions related to changing body, periods, nutrition and care taking during periods. This book helps young girls learn on their own in the most easy and fun way using stories and cartoon characters.

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Menstrupedia comic is useful for young girls ages 9 and above. This is a guide that helps in explaining your queries regarding growing age. The premenstrual syndrome and the physical changes during puberty is well written in a way that attracts readers to connect to their problems through images and cartoon characters.

The comic explains the maintenance of personal hygiene during menstrual cycle, nutritious diet, and dealing with pain during periods.

It also teaches the basic things to do to maintain hygiene which includes using and disposing off the sanitary napkin. It guides young girls not to panic when they get their first periods. Discussing at home or in class helps a lot to young girls grow independently. The comic is a good way to connect women and to know about their body and pubic growth.


Menstrupedia Comic Book has been divided into following segment :

Growing Up:

  • Physical changes in girls during puberty.
  • Physical changes in boys during puberty.
  • What is a healthy diet.

What are periods?

  • How are babies made?
  • How do periods happen?
  • Tips to relieve pain during periods.

When is my next period?

  • How to track menstrual cycle.
  • How to deal with premenstrual syndrome.

Taking care during periods :

  • What is a sanitary pad and how to use one?
  • How to make a sanitary pad at home?
  • How to dispose a used sanitary pad?
  • What to do when you get your first period?
  • Hygiene measures during periods.

Menstrupedia Comic Book
Menstrupedia Comic Book Sample

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Age Group9-14 years