Adco Easy Cut 3000 Blades

Reference: ADCO3000 Brand: Adco Industries

Adco Easy Cut 3000 Blades

The Adco Easy Cut 3000 Blades is a pack of 60 blades that comes off as an easy solution to the worn out blades on your Adco Easy Cut 3000 knife. It is fit for use in the Ace Easy Cut 3000 knife that is used to cut through boxes easily and smoothly. These steel tip blades are designed specifically to take care of your safety while at the same time help you in cutting through boxes easy and leave it absolutely clean. Every blade comes in a pack of three.

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Adco Easy Cutters

Easy Cut 3000 Blades

The tip of the blade is designed such so that it doesn’t chip and harm you and instead is capable of going 5000 feet. It is blade that keeps going without leaving any marks. Just when it stops running smoothly you can remove it and replace it with another blade.  The first blade is meant for the Easy Cut’s main blade carriage and 2 to keep in the safe compartment to replace with the first blade when it has worn out. It comes in an easy dispenser that you can use anytime. 

Another great quality of the Adco Easy Cut 3000 Blades, pack of 60 blades is that it can be sent back. Once you have used all the blades, refer to the shipping label inside the pack and send it all back. Use them easily without any hassles in your cutter to get the clean look while cutting boxes. It is ideal for use on any box, even the one’s that have been imported so get Adco Easy Cut 3000 Blades now.

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