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Dreambaby F161 Bath Thermometer Fish

  • Dreambaby F161 Bath Thermometer Fish
  • Dreambaby F161 Bath Thermometer Fish

Dreambaby F161 Bath Thermometer Fish

Reference: F161 Brand: Dreambaby

Dreambaby F161 Bath Thermometer Fish

What if you could measure the correct warmth of the water for your baby? There would be absolutely no anxiety, no worry of scalding from the hot water. Dreambaby F161 Bath Thermometer Fish is just the product for you. With this unique thermometer, you need not wonder whether baby’s bath water is too hot or cold. It makes it possible for you to ensure that the water is at the correct temperature. The fish shaped thermometer is buoyant and floats on water, can be dipped with the tail end in the water to measure the temperature.

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Dreambaby F161 Bath Thermometer Fish

Regular thermometers if broken are a potential hazard because they contain mercury which is poisonous.Dreambaby F161 Bath Thermometer Fish does not contain mercury so it is perfectly safe for your bundle of joy. It comes in a fun, cute shape of a fish and is blue in colour.The temperature reading can be taken in either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit This is in fact such a product that you would like to keep it ready even before the birth of your baby. All you have to do is to dip the tail end of the Dreambaby F161 Bath Thermometer Fishand wait for the indicator to show green, which means the right temperature. Due to some reason even if it breaks, you just have to clean up the red liquid and dispose it off in trash.


  • Cute fish shape, blue in colour
  • Easy to use
  • Can carry while travelling
  • Easy to read the temperature gauge.
  • Does not contain mercury.