Mothercare Window Catch

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Window Catch

Once your child becomes mobile, it’s amazing to see what all it’s capable of doing. A toddler is very inquisitive and loves to explore the surroundings on its own. So, at this stage, child safety becomes a huge big issue.Mothercare brings to you Mothercare Window Catch which makes it possible to secure windows in and around your home, but there is no compromise on ventilation or the safety of the toddler whatsoever. As the window is latched, there is no worry of any accidents or injury to the curious toddler. Mothercare Window Catch can be used for all windows in your home.

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Mothercare Window Catch - Mothercare India

Mothercare Window Catchis an innovative, good quality window lock that allows variable window opening adjustments. It’s simple to install and comes with its own screws for a wooden frame. The Mothercare Window Catchkeeps the windows open wide enough for ventilation but still locked. The window catch design itself doesn’t pose any threat of your toddler getting hurt. The rotating window lock is extremely easy to fit with two screws in both the frame and the window frame, the lock rotates as the window opens, and when it fully rotates, the window can no longer open any further, this helps prevent any accidents or falls.All in all,Mothercare Window Catchis a fantastic product to prevent your toddler from venturing out of the window and keeping them out of harm’s way.

If you view your house from the curious eyes of your toddler, you’ll be able to see many things which want immediate attention.Mothercare window catch allows windows to be left open and still locked for proper ventilation. This window catch prevents kids from opening window and also lessens the risk of kids falling out from the window.


  • Innovative design
  • Easy to fit
  • Prevents the risk of any accidents
  • High quality product from the brand Mothercare
  • Universal locking system. Fits any type of window.
  • Smooth rotating motion.
  • Child proof release.