Dreambaby F121 Refrigerator Latch

Reference: F121 Brand: Dreambaby

Refrigerator Latch

The Dreambaby F121 Refrigerator Latch is an exclusive product from the brand Dreambaby which is world renowned for its child proofing products. It is perfect for keeping the tender hands away from the refrigerator and freezer doors by preventing them from opening these doors. This is very essential for any home especially if the mother is also working. There could be some items in the fridge which are not safe for the tiny tot and they are sure to try and explore it which could cause some serious danger like the consumption of eating or drinking some unwanted goods.

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Dreambaby F121 Refrigerator Latch

Dreambaby F121 Refrigerator Latch also eliminates the danger of the child trying to climb inside the interior of the refrigerator. The design of the Dreambaby F121 Refrigerator Latchis very innovative and is used with an adhesive to keep it in place but above the child’s reach. Since the kitchen is possibly the most dangerous area for a tot, it is a wise decision of a parent to use such a product that ensures the safety of the child, more so if the parents are working and the child is not under your keen supervision all the time. The strongly manufactured Dreambaby F121 Refrigerator Latchis white in colour and gives an elegant look when attached to the door of the fridge or freezer.

Features of Dreambaby F121 Refrigerator Latch:

  • No screws required
  • Easy to install
  • Elegant looks and finish
  • Prevents your child from opening the refrigerator.
  • Do not use on appliances like Microwave, OTG etc. which generate heat.