Farlin Safety Guard For Table Edge

Farlin Safety Guard For Table Edge

Reference: BF511B Brand: Farlin

Farlin Safety Guard

Farlin safety guard for table edge is ideal for household with a kid. Apart from providing protection to your little one while they learn to walk, it also saves them from finger injury. In addition, it also protects the toddlers from head injury. The edge protector made of soft material provides safety to the kids from sharp pointed table edges. Hence offering them complete support against pointed edges in dinning or bedside tables among others is a good move for protecting your kids. 

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Table Edge Protector

Farlin Safety Guard For Table Edge

The table corner guard provides protection to babies who start walking and might collide with pointed table edges. The guard is made of soft material that gives extra safety against hurting from pointed furniture edges. The product needs to be attached to the edges and it makes you free of worries about child safety. The edge protector does not affect the interior house beauty or any damage to furniture. The soft material used ensures protection to kids even if they get collided with sharp edges. If your child moves around tables, he or she might get hurt from colliding edges and also, the look of the table or furniture might get damaged with accidental hitting. Thus, the corner guard gives full protection both to your baby as well as the furniture.

Farlin deals with baby safety products in India. It caters to your babies’ demands such as baby garments, baby toys and many other baby proofing products.

Features of Farlin Safety Guard For Table Edge:

  • Easy and compact to use
  • Made up of soft material
  • Prevents children from accidental collision
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Perfect for babies above 6 years of age
  • Rounded design for added protection
Max suggested age of child in months36
Min suggested age of child in months6
Unit Count4