Farlin Safety Guard For Table Edge

Reference: BF511A Brand: Farlin

Table Edge Protector

Have you ever thought how tables can actually harm your little ones? Whether it’s your bedside table or dining table, the corners are really pointed at times. Whether you have a toddler or a little one at your home, support for the table corners are really important. It keeps the finger and head injuries at bay. It has been specially made with soft material for providing maximum comfort to those getting bumped or hurt. If you’re one of those willing to make your house a safe zone for your kids, then buy it. 

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Farlin Safety Guard For Table Edge

Baby Safety Products

Transform your house into a baby proof area with various products available for this purpose. Easily removable and attachable, this product has an attractive design. Protect your children from unwanted danger with these simple products.

Farlin Safety Guard For Table Edge is an interesting object that has been designed to protect and avoid damages from the edges of tables by careless collision. Rounded design for a better look of your furniture, Special soft material at the rims protects your child from the soft edges and corners. Easy to attach and remove. If your child is always on the run and always ends up getting hurt, this product is definitely for you.

Tables edges are hardly rounded which makes it the appropriate object for getting hurt. With kids being delicate, the problems are double folded. Don’t delay in taking preventive measures now. Purchase and bid good bye to these troubles. Make your home a dreamland for your kid and watch them enjoy every moment.

Features of Farlin Safety Guard for Table Edge: 

  • Protects children from the sharp edges or corners of tables
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Made of soft materials
  • Attractive with round designs
Max suggested age of child in months36
Min suggested age of child in months6