Farlin Safety Drawer Lock

Reference: BF510A-1 Brand: Farlin

Drawer Locks From Farlin

Farlin Safety Lock for drawer is specifically meant to be a baby safety product. Toddlers are energy driven delicate creatures and love to play with anything that slides. Drawers being one of those may lead to fatal accidents. Whether there are sharp objects inside the drawer or anything else, toddlers are unaware of the dangers. The drawers while opening can also hurt the toddlers since these are quite smooth and can end up hitting the kids. The drawer lock prevents the children from touching the articles inside the drawer that might prove to be dangerous.

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Farlin Safety Drawer Lock

Childproofing Accessories

Baby proofing your house will ensure maximum safety for your child. It will not only make your life easy as you don’t have to run after your toddler wherever it goes. Safety lock for drawers is an essential part of the babyproofing system. Get kid safety products and make your house the perfect place for your kid.

Child safety locks, made of plastic material protects the kids and their hands from different types of injuries. This Drawer Safety lock is useful as well as easy and safe to use. It is unbreakable for lasting durability. Small kids have always been curious about their surroundings and straightway put these items into the mouth after coming in contact with any object. This many a times leads to accidents that might prove to be lethal. Hence, to prevent such risky incidents, the safety lock for drawers are useful that offers you a worry free life. The drawer lock is ideally designed to give protection to your babies’ hands and fingers. It also prevents kids from causing a mess anywhere. The safety lock gives a non slippery touch and can be used on any kind of cases or drawers.

Farlin deals with baby safety products in India. It caters to your babies’ demands such as baby garments, baby toys and many other baby proofing products.

Features of Farlin Safety Drawer Lock:

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Prevents Kids From Taking Out Dangerous Articles By Mistaken From Drawer.
  • Non breakable
  • Protects kids from injuries
  • Safety lock for your baby
  • Non slippery
  • Age group: 1 to 3 years
Max suggested age of child in months36
Min suggested age of child in months6
Unit Count2