Farlin Safety Guard For Socket

Reference: BF510D Brand: Farlin

Socket Guard

Little babies are at their most vulnerable stage when they start crawling. Anything that these babies come across excites them and especially electrical products. Our babies are therefore at a grave danger if steps are not taken towards baby proofing the house.  Farlin Safety Guard for Socket prevents baby from direct touching the electrical socket. This is a socket guard that comes as baby safety with built in handle and no tool is required to remove from the socket. 

If you’re always worried of your baby running to and fro, then get this safety product. It will prevent electric shocks and accidents while making it a safe home for the adults as well. 

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Babyproofing Accessories

Farlin Safety Guard For Socket

An electric socket connects an electronic appliance to a circuit. Since these are left unattended, a toddler can easily put their fingers into it resulting into fatal accidents. Electric socket covers have been made in different designs to match your interiors. Kids are not able to remove the plug guard when in use. Apart from children, even the adults have a tendency of touching electrical accessories points especially when in deep thoughts. The electric socket guard has smooth edges that makes it safe for children from injuries.

The product provides safe use as well as gives an aesthetic sense that illuminates your room. It is easy to put in and take out smoothly. There is no additional tool to remove from the socket which makes it an ideal product without any risk of injury. The socket cover can be used everywhere and it can be used with any electric appliance can having 2 or 3 pin socket. It guards the socket in a way that reduces the risk of accidents.

Farlin India deals with baby products such as baby garments, baby toys etc. Also, baby care products to take good protection of babies from any kind of injuries.

Features of Farlin Safety Guard for Socket:

  • Smooth designed socket safety guard
  • Easy to use for adults
  • Built in handle, no tool to remove from socket
  • Cannot be removed by children when in use
  • Smooth edges
  • Durable
  • Protects babies from injuries
  • Can be used everywhere
  • Available in pack of 5 pieces
Max suggested age of child in months36
Min suggested age of child in months6
Unit Count5