Farlin Safety Lock For Drawer

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Safety lock for drawer is one of the most essential buys for your baby's safety. When there’s a new born, it is best idea to get the house baby proof. No more sharp corners, safety lock for drawers for the entire house will prevent the little one from fatal injuries. Whether it’s your living room or bed room, endless utilities are kept inside the drawers. Have you ever thought of the danger your baby’s facing at present? Buy these safety lock and ensure that everything is closed properly.

Even in your absence, stop your kids from taking dangerous articles out of the drawer & prevents injuries to small babies. It is ideal for babies above 6 months as they start crawling and is prone to all kinds of accidents.

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Farlin Child Safety Lock For Drawer

Childproofing Products

The drawer locks are safety locks meant to provide protection to kids from minor accidents. Children at infant stage are quite curious about things, hence they touch and enter things in mouth easily. To stop them from accidents that might prove to be fatal. It prevents kids from taking out dangerous articles from cases, lockers or drawers. The safety lock also prevents children from messing with the drawer. It stops kids from hurting themselves and keeps them safe. This protects kids’ hands and fingers from pain and hurt, also your house remains clean. As an adult, you can be worry free as the lock caters to child safety that prevents drawers from opening and accidentally hurting your baby. At times children get fascinated towards items like scissors, buttons, pins, medicines etc that might prove dangerous to them and lethal. This is a perfect baby safety product that helps in providing safe and carefree life.

Features of Farlin Safety Lock For Drawer:

  • Safety lock for drawer
  • Protects kids from injuries
  • Ideal for babies above 6 months
  • Available in packs of 2
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Prevents Kids From Taking Out Dangerous Articles By Mistaken From Drawer.
Max suggested age of child in months36
Min suggested age of child in months6
Unit Count1