LH and RH Adco Barton Door Block

LH and RH Adco Barton Door Block

Reference: combobdb Brand: Adco Industries

Adco Barton Door Block

With LH and RH Adco Barton Door Block. Keep your little one’s fingers in good health and let them run freely throughout the house without worry about their sensitive fingers jamming in to the door. LH and RH Adco Barton Door Block is a game changing product for your in-house doors and windows that easily gets installed on the doors and prevents it from banging against your child’s little fingers while closing. It instead leaves some door open in order to prevent his fingers from being hurt. It sticks to your doors easily and doesn’t need much time or attention.

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LH and RH Adco Barton Door Block

Door Stoppers

It isn’t a mechanical product that needs to be switched on, instead it is on all the time for the protection for your kids. It comes for both, left handed doors and right handed doors. You can also remove it whenever you don’t feel its need without leaving any marks on the door.

The adhesive liner on the block sticks it to the door and can be removed easily. It can be used inside your home or in commercial building such as retirement homes, schools etc. it is easy to use and has many benefits including keeping your door from hurting your children. All you need to do is firmly place it on the door and windows to protect your little one’s fingers from being hurt by the doors closing. It is one of the best products for baby-proofing your place and is extremely easy to use. So get Adco Barton Door Block for right or left hand doors.

BrandAdco Industries
Life Cycleupto 5 yrs and above
Installation height5 ft and above