TE-A-ME Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea Pack of 25 Tea Bags

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TE-A-ME Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea Pack of 25 Tea Bags

Green tea needs no specific season or time to consume. It is healthier than any other beverages and with sip of this tea, your mood is all set for a healthy day. Make your day a happy one by drinking Kashmiri flavoured green tea and stay strong!


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TE-A-ME Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea Pack of 25 Tea Bags

Uplift yourself with the heavenly flavours of Kashmir; sweet spices blended with natural green tea leaves to create a feeling of bliss overflowing in every cup. Wake up yourself with a cup of rich-in-anti-oxidant Green tea and REAL spices.


  • This drink energizes and has a warming effect.
  • It helps to combat minor flues.
  • It helps to relieve headache and maintain fluid level in the body.
  • It is a fat burner and digestive drink that improves concentration and fights stress.

Directions for Use:

Place a TE-A-ME Kashmiri Kahwa tea bag in a cup and pour hot water (maximum 100 degrees centigrade) over it. Dip the TE-A-ME Kashmiri Kahwa tea bag a few times and allow it to infuse for 3 (mild strength) to 5 (strong flavor) minutes. TE-A-ME Kashmiri Kahwa tea is best served as a light brew without milk. Sweeten with sugar or honey if preferred.

Storage Instructions:

Store in cool Place.Avoid Direct Sunlight


Green tea (50%),Cinnamon (30%) & Cardamom (20%)