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Ceasefire Smoke Detector

Ceasefire Smoke Detector

Reference: SDLEASD05 Brand: Ceasefire

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector can detect the faint traces of smoke with it's smoke sensor and give out a warning signal to alert people of a potential disaster. The built in lights in this smoke alarm act as escape lights in case of a power failure.

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Ceasefire Smoke Detector

Fire Safety Products Online

The Ceasefire Smoke Detector has been designed for use in a wide range of residential and commercial areas. This wireless detector is easy to install and the dual chamber ionisation detectors are sensitive and reliable to detect smoke produced by a fire. 

CeaseFire Smoke Detectors work on Fire detector alarm system which detects smoke with its inbuilt smoke sensor. To keep your office space as well as homes fire safe.

The Smoke detectors use cutting-edge technology to detect the faintest traces of smoke in a home, giving you enough time to get to the nearest extinguisher and defeat the fire. The Ceasefire smoke detector has built in lights that act as escape lights in case of a power failure.


  • Dual chamber ionisation detectors provide a high degree of sensitivity and reliability.A built-in escape light provides a critical light source in the event of a power failure.
  • An independent 9 volt power supply and a  low battery warning system ensure that the  smoke detectors are always in working condition.
  • Can be installed within minutes.
  • Ten year battery life.