Farlin Pulpy and Juicy Baby Food Spoon Set

Farlin Pulpy and Juicy Baby Food Spoon Set

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Farlin Spoon Set For Baby

What attracts a baby most? Bright hued colours or attractive designs? What if you get both of them in one single product?  Farlin Pulpy and Juicy Food Spoon Set brings you a set of colorful designed spoons especially made for feeding pulpy or juicy food to a baby. The color attracts them while the design keeps them glued. The depth is such that it fits perfectly into baby's mouth and hence no spilling of food or juices. The growing baby needs s lot more than baby food for growth and development. This is the time when juices along with other nutritious food are fed. To avoid spilling of food and juices, a perfect apparatus for mothers is required to avoid all kinds of food spots. These spoons help in feeding the baby properly without much fuss. Get them today.

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Baby Care Products

Farlin Pulpy & Juicy Food Spoon Set

Babies and toddlers need to be fed and you have to be very careful while feeding these little ones. Apart from size you also need to think of the material used in the spoon. The material used here is tender and soft so that it doesn’t hurt the delicate gum of the little thing. Blunted edges along with a depth that fits the mouth is perfect example of a baby feeding spoon. If you want to turn the meals of your babies into a fun time then do get it for your babies too.

Features of Farlin Pulpy & Juicy Baby Food Spoon Set:

  • Pulpy and Juicy Food Spoon Set.
  • In perfect shape and sized.
  • With tender and soft materials

Type Pulpy and Juicy Baby Food Spoon