Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash 100Ml

Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash 100Ml

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Ayorma Skincare Products

Ayorma Anti-Tan Face Wash

This summer don’t let the sun darken your skin. For the individuals who face this issue and is searching for a solution that will give them a chance to stay in sun for without getting tanned. Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash 100Ml keeps the skin from over accumulation of dirt and oil. In addition, it makes the skin remain pimple free. In case you're out on a hot and sunny day, wash your face with it and you'll feel good as new. Get this anti-tan face wash and charm others with your refreshing personality. Buy this product and get a tan-free glowing skin as this is powered by skin whitening globules and natural essentials.

EXP. Dt. : September 2017

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Ayorma Skincare Products

Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash 100Ml

Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash comprises of Licorice & Curcuma Extracts, French Lavender Oil & Honey, Egyptian Geranium Oil and Orange Peel Oil. This product with its natural ingredients will only enhance your skin quality. It will remove the tan and repair the damage done by the overexposure of sun. It has anti-fungal properties and is known to soothe itchiness. It also helps in treating sunburn. With its moisturising property, it makes the skin supple and soft. It helps in creating a balance between oily and dry skin. In turn it also makes the skin glow naturally.  Get this Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash for best results this summer.

Features of Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash

  • Exhibits anti-fungal properties
  • Soothes itchy skin
  • Prevents and treats sunburn
  • Overall balancing effect to the skin
  • Imparts a natural glow to the skin
  • Acts as an anti-oxidant and anti-aging
  • Promotes the production of collagen
Weight100 ml