Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Mist 100Ml

Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Mist 100Ml

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When was the last time you felt your face dew fresh? Summer heat tans your skin and leads to unwanted darkening. Ayorma brings Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Mist 100 Ml for all those who face this problem and is looking for a product that will let them remain tan-free this summer.The face mist cleanses the skin of excess dirt and oil. It also makes the skin remain pimple free. If you’re out on a hot and sunny day, spray a little and you’ll feel so fresh.Get this product and keep yourself pleasant throughout the day while keeping your skin rejuvenated.


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Ayorma Skincare Products

Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Mist 100 Ml

The Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Mist known for keeping your skin from oil and dirt. It is perfect for those with oily and pimple prone skin. This product has been developed with Peppermint Oil, French Lavender Oil and Turmeric. It will help in cooling the face and reduces redness at the same time.  It also prevents the excess of oil and prevents acne along with pores. It gives the skin a healthy glow and a glowing complexion. Embrace a blemish free skin by opting for this anti-tan face mist. It is an easy to carry mist which will revitalize your skin and revive your spirits in no time. Say hello to a beautiful you and feel absolutely beautiful throughout the day.

Features of Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Mist:

  • Acts as an anti-stress, anti-anxiety and as an anti-depressant
  • Helps cool your face and reduce redness
  • Helps control excess oil to prevent acne and clogged pores
  • Clear complexion and a healthy glow
  • Blemish free skin
  • Cleanses the skin and prevents irritation
  • Treating sunburn and moisturizes the skin
  • Natural radiance and glow
Weight100 ml