TVH Load Wheel 808981001

TVH Load Wheel 808981001

Reference: 808981001 Brand: TVH

TVH Load Wheel 808981001

This standard roller with bearing is fabricated using polyurethane material and other quality raw materials. The material of the rim is made of steel that helps the roller in giving solid performance. 

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TVH Load Wheel 808981001

TVH Load Wheel 808981001 is a standard roller with bearing made of polyurethane material. The roller is highly appreciated and offers enhanced durability. The product is checked rigorously by professionals. 

Specifications :

Sort of roller                                 :  STANDARD ROLLER

Type of roller                                :  WITH BEARING

Diameter of the roller D (mm)  :  82

Width of the roller W (mm)       :  60

Shaft diameter AX (mm)           :  20

Diameter of the rim D-RIM (mm) : 59

Diameter of the bearing chamber D-BC (mm) : 47

Depth of the bearing chamber H-BC (mm) : 14

Type of bearing (prefix)            : 6204

Subtype of bearing (suffix)      : ZV

Shaft diameter AX (mm)           : 20 

Sort of bearing                            :  STANDARD BEARING

Clamping length CL (mm)          :  64

Material of the roller                  :  POLYURETHANE

Roller material detail                 :  POLYURETHANE

Material of the rim                      : STEEL

Reduction bushing present      :  No

Bushing between bearings present : UNKNOWN

Groove for circlip present       : No

Rim and tyre                               : No

Suitable for coldstore use       : No

One side is closed                      : No

Grease nipple present              : No