Johnson's Baby Nappy Pads (Pack of 20)

Reference: 8901012119075 Brand: Johnson & Johnson

Johnson's Baby Nappy Pads

ohnson's Baby Nappy Pads re the ideal nappy pads for your baby. Don’t let his sleep be bothered by his urine habits and use Johnson's Baby Nappy Pads to ensure that. The stretchable elastic on the nappy pad gives it a well-fitting structure and air-free comfort all night. These pads are perfect to be used throughout the night ensure a sound sleep to your baby and for yourself. These nappy pads are easily disposable thus keeping you away from any hassles of cleaning.


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Johnson's Baby Nappy Pads (Pack of 20)

Baby Nappies

The cotton cover and the lining of the nappy pads allows it to be in one position and keeps it from shifting. The new locking formula in the nappy pads keeps your baby’s skin dry and fresh all the time and absorbs the liquid faster than ever. The cotton base of the nappy pads wards off any kind of skin rashes, irritation or allergies. The nappy pads are clinically tested for your baby’s safety. By using these nappy pads, you can keep your baby fresh and dry all the time. The adhesive keeps the nappy pad from shifting and the special absorbency keeping the liquid from leaking and locks it within the nappy pad. It has a soft rim that allows your baby’s skin to breathe as opposed to other nappy pads and also allowing his to move freely without restricting him.
It offers long hours of dryness to your baby, so get Johnson's Baby Nappy Pads, pack of 20 today to offer the best care to your baby.


  • Special absorbency system draws moisture into the pad for locking
  • High quality adhesive prevents shifting of pad
  • Soft cover suitable for Baby's Skin
  • Moisture-proof shield keeps the nappy dry



Make your smallest one happy with the nappy offered by Johnson & Johnson! Here you can grab the disposable pads to keep your baby engrossed with utmost care and protection. To give a complete comfort choose the best, buy Johnson's Baby Nappy Pads for your little ones. It is indeed a suitable option for night long protection, while you are out with the baby and when baby has to spend some hours at home without changing.
Johnson products are made out of only skin-friendly materials that ensures that your baby spends time in comfortably even during prolonged periods.

BrandJohnson & Johnson