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Lowkal Artificial Sweeteners 200 Cubes

Lowkal Artificial Sweeteners 200 Cubes

Reference: 8906025640011 Brand: Lowkal

Artificial Sweeteners

Lowkal artificial sweeteners are also available in cubes.


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Lowkal Artificial Sweeteners 200 Cubes

Lowkal artificial sweeteners are made to maintain your blood sugar level and keep you absolutely strong and away from diabetes. This prevents as well as protects you from increased sugar level. One cube is similar to one teaspoon of sugar. This adds taste to drinks and food without causing any kind of side effects on body. These sweeteners are not recommended to be used by children. These cubes contain essential dietary fibres that help maintaining blood sugar level and keep you healthy. This is suggested by food agencies worldwide to be used in food and drinks because of its ingredients that help in maintaining health and fitness. These sweetener cubes come in specially designed dispensers. This comes with a convenient dispenser with 200 cubes to fit in perfectly inside purse, bags or briefcases. This sweetener cube contains sucralose which is made from sugar and is non- nutritive artificial sweetener.


  • Contains Sucralose
  • Adds taste to food and beverages
  • Ideal for use as health beneficiary
  • Preferred by dieticians and diabetics
  • Can be easily used and carried anywhere
  • Can be used for baking and cooking
  • Available in pack of 200 cubes
Quantity200 Cubes