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Pigeon Liquid Cleanser Refill 700ml

Pigeon Liquid Cleanser Refill 700ml

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Pigeon Liquid Cleanser Refill 700ml

The Pigeon Liquid Cleanser Refill will be a good option to take while travelling with your baby so that you can have extra packs of them along with the main cleansing bottle. is a liquid health hygiene provider for your precious little one. It effectively kills 99.9 bacteria which commonly found in the content of milk. This cleanser is very gentle on your skin and will not dry your hands with regular use. It is a tried and tested product and is known to effectively kill 99.9 bacteria. It is of very good use on fruits and vegetables as well.  Cleaning the bottles and nipples with normal detergent and water is not enough; this cleanser is made from safe derivatives carbohydrate which effectively cleans the bottle and accessories with ease. 

Expiry Date: October 2017

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Pigeon Liquid Cleanser Refill 700ml

Besides maintaining cleanliness of baby accessories and toys it can also be used to clean fruits and vegetables. It is always good to cleans veges and fruits when pregnant as now a day’s harmful pesticides are used in agriculture industry to kill pests and increase their freshness. Due to the cold weather this liquid may crystallize, but it won’t affect its cleaning properties. To use it on these products you can pour a little bit of its amount on the cleaning sponge and clean effectively. After washing the bottles, nipples and accessories it is advised to rinse them off with water for 5 seconds. For use on vegetables you should rinse them off properly for at least 30 seconds. Always keep it out of reach of children and if accidently swallowed, give water to drink and consult the doctor immediately.

Features of Liquid Cleanser Refill 700ml:

  • Economic Cleansing Refill Pack
  • Apt to use while travelling
  • Safe for use on fruits & vegetables
  • 100% food grade ingredients
  • Naturally biodegradable
  • Washes dirt off toys too