Slice Mini Hand-Held Paper Cutter

by Slice
Rs. 950.00

Slice 10514 Mini Box Cutter with Auto-Retractable Slice Ceramic Safety Blade

Mini cutter is built in magnetic style and used with replaceable ceramic blades. These blades are non rust that make the tool durable. This is built in magnetic style which has a patented handle with rubberised slider button. This limits the amount of exposed ceramic blade to reduce injuries.
These replaceable ceramic blades are sharper and durable than traditional steel metal. Slice mini cutter is auto retractable for safety and the less number of blade change means less amount of injuries caused to the user. This cutter helps in making intricate shapes and designs on papers and other creative arts.
Its small size with exotic features makes it an ideal craft tool that is also being preferred by students and other design institutions. This cutter is chemically inert hence safe from industrial exposures during its use.


  • Non conductive, anti magnetic blade
  • Non rust, chemically inert blade
  • Auto retractable for safety
  • Includes one double sided Slice ceramic blade
  • Replacement ceramic blade
  • Less blade changes, hence less injuries
  • Measures 63*38*10mm
  • Weight: 10 gm

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