ShockWatch2 Impact Indicator 25G

Rs. 275.00

ShockWatch2 Impact Indicators

When buying an impact indicator, one must necessarily keep in mind the weight and size of the shipment that is being transported. This shockwatch 2 impact indicator, has a sensitivity range of 25G and a 5 to 50 MS duration. It can operate well in temperatures between -25° C and 80° C or -13° to 176° F.

This wonderful Impact indicator by shockwatch 2 (25G) has been especially designed to keep your cargo safe and make it easier to pinpoint accountability in case something goes wrong. Now you do not have to worry about your equipment as much as you did before. It safeguards you from damaging your cargo when it is shipped. It is very easy to use and gives very accurate results to protect you from paying a lot of damage cost. It very easily attaches to your cargo as well.


  • Sensitivity range of 25G
  • Duration: 5-50ms
  • Operative temperature: -25 to 80°C or -13 to 176°F


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