Slice Ceramic Blade Box Cutter

by Slice
Rs. 2,264.00

Slice Ceramic Blade Box Cutter

The blade box cutter’s housing limits the amount of exposed ceramic blade to reduce injuries. High tech double- sized ceramic blade is designed to reduce injuries with blades that are sharper and durable than steel. Sharp and safe rounded tips are designed to reduce injuries. This is an innovative box cutter that is generally used for industrial and other official purposes. The tool is retractable and blade length is adjustable that suits your work demands. This box cutter cuts paper boxes or other hard material that gives a newer shape to the craft. There are manual buttons that help in cutting and giving shape intricately. This tool is stylish, durable and safe to use in comparison to traditional knives.


  • Fully retractable and adjustable length blade
  • Easy access blade storage
  • Replacement blades available in packs of 4
  • 3 button manual button
  • Innovative box cutter
  • Stylish, durable and safer to use than traditional utility knives
  • Less blade, hence less injuries
  • Includes one double sided Slice ceramic blade


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