ShockWatch2 Impact Indicator - 5G

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ShockWatch Impact Indicators

Shockwatch 2 has developed this very useful device to help you cut down on your cost that is incurred by damages in transportation and even storage.

The Shockwatch 2 Impact indicator (5G) has a sensitivity range of 5G and has a duration of 5 to 50ms. The device helps the manufacturers to stick to the quality that they have set and not deliver damaged goods. The receiver of the cargo will also be warned in advance to check the goods and only then accept the goods. The indicator helps you to also know that your packaging is correct and that there are no flaws in your supply chain.


  • Protects fragile cargo
  • Has a 5G sensitivity range
  • Easy to use
  • Duration of 5-50ms
  • Cannot be tampered with


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