ShockWatch TiltWatch Plus Tilt Indicator

Rs. 275.00

ShockWatch TiltWatch Plus Tilt Indicator

This amazing Tiltwatch Plus tilt indicator by ShockWatch is the perfect way to keep a watch over your shipment without being physically present to accompany it. It is not at all difficult to stick, use or read the indicator. It also helps to alert the receiver of the goods to check them before accepting it. It helps the company to maintain the quality of its goods when shipped, so that it doesn’t deliver defected items. It also confirms the effectiveness of your packaging system.

The TiltWatch Plus tip sensing solution by ShockWatch attaches to the outer surface your shipments and clearly indicates when an unacceptable tilt has happened. It has an adhesive back, to easily stick to your cargo and is well serialized, to make it very easy for you to track your items. It not only indicates when there is a tilt but also indicates how much the cargo has been tilted and even if it has been completely inverted.


  • Safeguards your shipment while transporting
  • Indicates tilting
  • Indicates inversion
  • Indicates degree of tilt of the cargo

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