Moskito Safe Natural Alcohol and Deet Free Mosquito Repellent Spray - 100ml (Pack of 3)

by PeeSafe
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During the summer mosquitoes are a huge worry for many because they tend to ruin the time that we spend outdoors. However, if you have kids then you need to pay special attention to their protection against mosquitoes since their bodies haven’t yet developed an immunity against mosquito bites and can react pretty badly to mosquito bites.

A single bite of a mosquito can make you seriously ill. They spread diseases like Malaria, Dengue Zika virus .etc. Some of these diseases when not treated on time can be fatal. The mortality rate of dengue when not treated can be as high as 50%. There is a scientific evidence that Zika virus is also the cause of microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome. The treatment for such diseases has a considerable cost. A simple act of prevention like using a mosquito repellent spray can be used to protect ourselves from these deadly diseases.

So use MoskitoSafe and be safe.



  • Alcohol and DEET free
  • Protects you from diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya
  • Safe for all age groups
  • Sleek bottle, convenient to carry around
  • Mild aroma of Neem and Lemon
  • Effective protection for upto 3-4 hours