Adco Easy Cut 3000 Safety Cutter

Rs. 1,280.00

Adco Safety Cutters

Adco Easy Cut 3000


It is made for easy use as its clip rotates 360 degrees making it absolutely fit for left or right hand users. So it keeps you from the trouble of buying multiple cutters to suit your hand and instead gives you all in one simple package. It gives you an extremely easy grip thus, keeping you from constantly moving your thumb and straining it. It has a blade storage compartment, so that you can safely keep the blades that go in the safety cutter for its easy use. It is fit for use even for amateur users as it has a deployable edge that cuts top and tray with precision. The cutter is the third generation product by Adco Industries and the two other products were Adco Easy Cut 1000 Safety Cutter and Adco Easy Cut 2000 Safety Cutter. Adco Easy Cut 3000 Safety Cutter is much like the other two cutters but is advanced to give you the necessary protection.