Adco Easy-Cut 2000 Safety Knife

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Adco Easy-Cut 2000 Safety Knife

Adco Safety Cutters

It has clip-on holster and within itself a small place to keep blades so that you don’t lose them and are able to change blades easily and quickly. It has designed to cut imported boxes much more easily than any other box as a refined blade length and also has a tape splitter that easily cuts through the tape. As soon as the cutter is taken out of the holster, the blade automatically gets into position for use and starts cutting the surface. It has multi-depth blade setting and has a radius tip blade that helps you in cutting the surface better. It is an easy to use safety knife that will not only make sure that you are safe while cutting any box but also help you in cutting fast and easily saving you the precious time. It can cut through any surface of the box, even cut imported boxes as well as the tape on the boxes and its great features are ideal to be used anytime.

Features & Benefits of Adco Easy Cut 2000 Safety Knives :

  • 3 blade-depth settings
  • Radius-blunt tip blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Back-up blade storage
  • Clip-on holster and lanyard
  • Tape splitter
  • Automatic edge guide