Adco Barton Door Block - RH

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Adco Barton Door Block - RH

This new product in the market, leaves a little room to keep your baby’s fingers safe while closing the door instead of banging the door against his little fingers. The adhesive liner on the block helps it to stick it to the door. However, it is not necessary for you to always keep the block on the door. Whenever its not necessary you can simply remove the block. The adhesive liner will come off easily without leaving any marks on the door. It is a simple and easy product that you can use anytime on your doors without any tools. It also has an easy installation and un-installation process, thus making it the best product to ensure the safety of your children. So protect your kids from getting hurt with the Adco Barton Door Block, for right hand doors.

Features and Benefits of Adco Barton Door Block:

  • Automatic door block
  • Prevents door slams
  • Protects tiny fingers
  • Fits all interior doors
  • Installs in seconds
  • No tools needed
  • Adult override

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