Be Aware of Each Other Car Bumper Sticker

Be Aware of Each Other Car Bumper Sticker

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Be Aware of Each Other Car Bumper Sticker

Love Cycling? Always waiting to get on the Pedal?
Well we have the perfect Car & Bumper Sticker for You.

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Be Aware of Each Other Car Bumper Sticker

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Roads in India are not safe for cyclists, the data on Road Accidents show us the same, so "Be Aware of Each Other" is an Initiative towards Safety for Cyclists. It is in association with the following groups:

Keeping a safe distance for the Cyclists to maneuver on the road ensures that there are no unfortunate incidents on the road, for Drivers as well as Cyclists.

As an initiative we have also released a few other Bumper Stickers, which you can check using this link: Car & Bumper Stickers. In pursuit of encouraging the habit of cycling among the Delhiites & Gurgaonites, along with Delhi Randonneurs & Pedal Up have initiated the "Be Aware of Each Other" campaign to build an awareness for the Pedaller. The movement is about showing some love to the Cycling Enthusiasts who have the right to peddle as much as you being a car owner.  

Features of Car Bumper Sticker:

  • Printed on 3M sticker paper
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Size: 11x3 inches

"Be Aware of Each Other, We Are on this road Together", keeping each other aware of fellow riders. If you have loved the experience of riding your cycle, you should definitely be enthusiastic about making sure that the roads are safe for the brethren.