I Pledge 4 Safety - Bumper Sticker

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I Pledge 4 Safety - Bumper Sticker

Being safe is a good habit, as there is a saying “Prevention is better than cure”. So let’s take a pledge today “To give all our tomorrows for someone’s today” ours and others safety is our duty.

Sticker Size: 11" x 2.5"

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Pledge 4 Safety - Car & Bumper Sticker

An Initiative by  Pledge4Safety

Safety has many types, what does safety mean to you? What do you do for yours and your family’s or friend’s safety? This Sticker is available for order and will be delivered at your doorstep from SafetyKart.com.
We would love to hear your views, please feel free to share your views and comments here and also share your stories of safety. Please share with us how your being safe saved you or someone around you.

This is an Initiative by a Facebook group with the namesake: Pledge4Safety
This group is aimed to gather our fellows who are interested to join this forum for betterment of our society, to keep them updated and to discuss ideas for better directions and teamwork in this regard. As human life is more PRECIOUS so please come join us to take steps for Safety. Let’s get together to help each other in any way we can. We hope that people in this group are open to hearing about how something they are doing might not be optimal and listen to changes they could make without feeling judged, we are just all here to help each other. We want everyone to be able to get on but we know that it won’t always be the case so please just remain friendly and respect other people views. We are looking forward to becoming one big happy family.

If you would like us to list unique products, stickers or initiatives towards a Safer, Healthier and Better World, leave us a feedback as review and we will get in touch with you.