Coghlan Thermal Blanket

Coghlan Thermal Blanket

Reference: adv8544 Brand: Coghlan's

Coghlan Thermal Blanket

It is always good to be well prepared before going on a field trip in extreme weather conditions. The Coghlan Thermal Blanket will be of many uses when you are in need. This blanket is made of aluminized polyethylene with heavy duty corner grommets and the edges of it are stitched. It keeps you warm properly in freezing temperature. It also works effectively on retaining body heat properly it will properly give you protection against rough wind and is water proof as well. 

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Coghlan Thermal Blanket

It contains Mylar like material and heat reflector. It is also known as space jacket. So if you are planning on enjoying your favorite camping trip, make sure that you don’t go unprepared to be exposed in the wilderness. It can also be of good use as ground cover sheet so that you can cover yourself properly. Its bright red color can also be a good signal reflector in time of emergency. 

Features of Thermal Blanket:

  • Will keep you warm in cold weather
  • Made of non stretch polyester
  • Compact & soil resistant
  • Light in weight blanket
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Retains body heat