Nisi Pro Lens Pen Cleaner

Reference: 4897045102815 Brand: NISI Filters

Pro Lens Pen Cleaner

Nisi Pro Lenspen has been designed to remove any sort of dirt and dust particles from your classy lens. It is every individual’s first choice for cleaning their optical equipments. This lenspen is composed of very high and amazing technology molecule materials combined with superfine frosted surface. The superior quality softbrush of the lenspen is retractable.

The unique technology of the cleaning tip will never leak the liquid or dry out. This lenspen from Nisi is environmental friendly and it is manufactured using all non-hazardous substances. This cleaning tip is ideal for use with all types of filters and lenses. The different coatings of filters and lenses remain unaffected using the lenspen. 

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Nisi Lens Pen Cleaner Online In India - SafetyKart

This product from Nisi will securely remove debris, fingertips and all types of dust particles from the surface of the filters or lenses. The unique features of this amazing lenspen are its self replenishing tip and the non-liquid cleaning element. This lenspen can also be used for cleaning telescope, binocular and camera lenses.

This pen is portable and convenient and has small aperture spotting scopes. This pen should be used carefully. The cap has to be twisted off and wipe the surface with smooth circular motions of the cleaning tip of the pen. Breathe gently on the surface in case of persisting smudges. Keep it out of the reach of children.