Nisi ND Fader Filters 77mm

Nisi ND Fader Filters 77mm

Reference: 4897045100781 Brand: NISI Filters

ND Fader Filters

Nisi ND fader filter with diameter 77 mm is designed to fade ND2-400 light. The lens has been manufactured adopting special crafts with superior quality Japanese material. The outer frame has been made using environmental aluminium which has advanced turning and rotating crafts.

The filter has an elegant and glassy appearance and has an extremely strong rotation. The frame has an auto-lock and the positioning is also convenient. The frame that is processed by oxidation is never going to make the filter blanch due to repeated and excessive rotation. 

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Fader Neutral Density Nd Filter

This filter has been designed to make your images look pretty and photogenic. This is a must buy for all the photographers. The filter also makes sure that no additional colour is cast in your pictures. The ultra thinness of the filter frame helps avoiding vignetting on super wide angle lens.

All the materials used in this filter are non-hazardous and meet the requirements of European Union’s standards of environment protection. The black matt aluminium satin finish almite frame reduces reflections and the black rimmed glass component reduces light reflections around the filter edge. This filter has been made in Japan to give you the prettiest pictures possible.