Nisi Pro Multi Coated UV Filters 95mm

Nisi Pro Multi Coated UV Filters 95mm

Reference: 4897045101436 Brand: NISI Filters

Multi Coated UV Filters 

Nisi Pro MC UV filter with 95 mm diameter has been designed to strike out the ugly UV rays from your splendid photography. It has been manufactured to safeguard your lens and give you the prettiest pictures possible. The ultraviolet rays are bound to cause a bluish cast on your pictures and make your pictures look weird and unoriginal.

They also increase the overall effect of atmospheric haze. There’s a superfine dull polishing and extensive knurling that makes sure that the frame won’t blanch due to repeated rotation. The ultra thinness of the filter frame helps avoiding vignetting on super wide angle lens. 

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UV Filter - SafetyKart

All the materials used in this filter are non-hazardous and meet the requirements of European Union’s standards of environment protection. The UV filters has a multiple uses. They are fit in your camera to protect your lens at all times and to reduce the effect of scratching and dust on the lens. These filters are applied to the camera for outdoor photography. On seaside, snow, mountains and other open areas these filters check out the bluish hue.

The multi coated optical glass has been manufactured to optimize protection and block the invisible UV component of light from the sky. It is ideal for photography in high altitudes and in regions with very clean air. It fits SLR cameras, digital cameras and camcorder.