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Built on over 50 years of quality, innovation and dependability, Gerber knives have earned a loyal following of outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. The items below represent the current state-of-the-art in modern knife and tool manufacturing. Buy Gerber Multi Tool, Hunting Knife, Pocket Knife, Bear Grylls Knife, Survival Knife, Camping Equipment, Survival Kit, Camping Gear, Folding Knife, and other Bear Grylls Products from

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Bear Grylls

An Authority on Survival Gear, Bear Grylls introduced the best survival techniques with Gerber to form Bear Grylls Knife and Bear Grylls Survival Products. The ultimate survival multi tools and survival knife from Gerber have superb quality. Your trekking experience through the jungle or going on an adventure trip around the trail will be even more fun when you equip yourself with these really handy multi tool and survival knife. Cut through vines, ropes, fabric, wood, or almost anything you will need to while working your way through any forest.

Hunting Knife

The combination of straight and serrated blades in one hunting knife makes it highly versatile. When it comes to durability and functionality of the hunting knife, you know you can trust the signature that it bears. When tested in the elements, Gerber’s outdoor survival gear shows its true colors - sleek, sporty designs constructed with rugged materials. Deserts, mountains, forests - these are the ones to carry in the wild and open spaces.

Gerber Essentials

Gerber Essentials range of Survial Kit & Multi Tool are meant for your Car, Office, Home and definitely your bag. Survival Multi Tools are really useful from day-to-day works. They have pocket-tools, Multi-Pliers and everyday carriers that we reach for over and over. Gerber Survival Tools are built for being durable, lightweight and efficient.

Bear Grylls Survival Kits

Gerber & Bear Grylls Products

Gerber and Bear Grylls announced that they were going to partner to produce a wide range of outdoor survival knives and tools, which surprised and intrigued most of us. The whole survival enthusiast community got the "Curosity and Controversary" bug. One of the first products which was to be introduced was "Ultimate Survival Knife", and they delivered it to the word. The Survival Knife had everything that it was to deliver.
As of today, all you need to do is take a look at the range of Gerber & Bear Grylls Products to take notice of the power of Survival Tools by Gerber. 

Buy Gerber Multi Tools & Survival Gear from the range of Bear Grylls.