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Pepper spray is one of the strongest and most efficient form of deterrents when in the need of Self-Defense. Equip yourself with a Knockout Pepper Spray to make sure that you are safe from any kind of attack, or unknown person. 

Knockout Pepper Spray

Knockout Pepper Spray comes in many varieties and have different applications, one of the most unique thing about Knockout Range of Pepper Sprays is that Knockout Punch Pepper Spray can be used as a Keyring as well, which you will carry with yourself anywhere you go.  Pepper Spray when used properly can immobilise multiple attackers simultaneously. This can of Knockout Pepper Spray comes with a one piece Protective Cap that resists accidental discharge. The available variations of Knockout Pepper Spray are :

You can buy the Combo Packs of Pepper Spray that are available with us as a Mother-Daughter Pepper Spray Combo, or gift them to your near and dear ones. The keychain itself is really tidy and the pepper spray itself can be effectively put to use keeping a distance of about 10 feet. 

Buy Pepper Spray Online on and ensure that your loved ones are safe at all times.