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Jungle Magic - Mosquito Repellent, Tattoos, bands & Lunch Packs

Jungle Magic is one of the online shopping brands that deal with kids’ products. Products from Jungle Magic cater to children’s safety, care and well being. Jungle Magic is one the leading brands for children’s wellbeing products.

They are under the patronage of Consumer Products division of Piramal Enterprizes. They help parents and adults in taking good care of their children with newer solutions everytime. Parents might face problems in taking care of their kids’ well being and thence, Jungle Magic is the solution to every problem that an adult undergoes in order to care for their little ones.

In 2012, Jungle Magic had launched fruity perfumes for kids that had aroma therapy benefits. Today, they have a number of products related to child care and well being. Be it shampoo, conditioner, mosquito repellent, perfume or other child care products, Jungle Magic has every care and well being product for your child.

Mosquito repellent bands, lunch packs for kids, hand sanitizer, fragrant perfumes or combo packs for kids are all brought in for little children. This is how they help you too in bringing up your kids in a protected and care way.

Jungle Magic has mosquito repellent wrist bands for kids that provide safety to your kids while they play outside. They work as a team co-ordinately and dream to achieve success only with their efforts and your cooperation.