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Ceasefire Fire Extinguisher

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Fire Extinguisher

Ceasefire Fire Extinguisher

CeaseFire has been a leader in fire suppression since 1986. Over the years, Ceasefire products have saved thousands of lives. Built at the very edge of technology, these products are equipped to take on danger 24X7. In a market where many manufacturing units are little more than assembly operations, Ceasefire products are deeply researched, quality tested and engineered to perform to the highest standards. Today, Ceasefire Fire Extinguisher has a strong presence in more than 300 of India’s main cities and towns,manufacturing capability boasts technology and systems on par with the world’s finest, with a number of proprietary manufacturing and quality processes in place that are unique to Ceasefire Fire Extinguishers.

Fire Protection

SafetyKart.com ensures that you get the best fire extinguisher price as well as best prices on Smoke Alarms from CeaseFire. We provide both Fire Extinguishers as well as Ceasefire Smoke Alarms for Fire Protection. Make sure that your home as well as office has proper fire protection so as to protect your near and dear ones from any kind of danger due to fire.
Fire Extinguishers should be kept at a reachable distance to electrical circuit boards, any fire source like Kitchen, near camping sites, etc. CeaseFire Fire Extinguishers come in different form factors as well as types.

Fire Extinguisher Price

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CeaseFire Fire Extinguishers


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