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Wildcraft Bags

Why Buy Wildcraft?

If you are into adventure, if you are the kind who gets excited about the thought of entering the wild side of nature with only your wit as a weapon and bare minimum resources for survival, these bags are the best companion. Wildcraft is a brand which has established itself as one of the widest and wildest brands of backpacks, customized for Indian Backpackers.

Heading out for Camping, Trekking, Rafting, River Crossing, Rappling, or Plain Simple Trails, you will need to keep survival resources with you at all times, then Wildcraft Bags are the kind you should carry with you, and the best place to buy them is SafetyKart.
Wildcraft Bags Online Other than Backpacks, Wildcraft has a tremendous collection of water bottles, rucksack bags, camera bags & accessories, travel pouches, travel gear, camping gear, jackets traveler’s kit, fire starter, laptop bag, sleeping bag, Rain Poncho & rain jacket. And the Wildcraft Bags come in all shapes and sizes, to suite your needs.

Few Features of Wildcraft Online

Wildcraft India Bags have a lot to offer, with just the right curves and edges for the best possible comfort in times of heavy stress. The Wildcraft bags are designed in such a manner that you feel the lightest of weights and the bag divides the stress equally and as much as possible. The Straps are adjustable and help distribute the weight of the Wildcraft bags to protect the back and shoulders from injuries and loops & daisy chains for extra camping material to be carried. Wherever necessary the Wildcraft Backpacks have Aluminum strips for support & straps for accessories.

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Wildcraft in India is now available with SafetyKart with never before seen costs, so they are affordable for school students, cycling enthusiasts, college students, sports persons, trekkers, office goers as well as travel enthusiasts. The hip-bags are really trendy and carry whatever is required for a College Student. Size ranging from small hip bags to large high-altitude trekking capacities and colours ranging from pretty green to classy grey, choose your wildcraft online. 

Wildcraft Bottles are also a classy accessory with the backpack itself. Ensuring you remain safe, we at SafetyKart offer you the wildest of all bags, the Wildcraft.


Wildcraft, the brand comes with a world class quality and assurance. The products are made up of excellent quality material to make sure they can endure the tasks they are meant to. All Wildcraft Bags come with a warranty of 5 years, which is a sign of superior quality. The top loading Wildcraft Backpacks & Wildcraft Rucksacks come with Snow Skirts to protect your luggage from snowfall. Miniature pockets for the small stuff which is required to be kept handy. Other than this, Wildcraft’s travel pouches, travel kits, fire starter, sleeping bag, rain poncho are best in providing you satisfaction in traveling.

Wildcraft For the City

Wildcraft Backpacks are not meant for the wild, they come in really handy to show your wild nature to the city dwellers as well. With really cool colours now available in awesome designs, you can show your wild side in the Metro as well as on your bike. The duffle bags have slings and the sling bags can be converted into hip bags. For the girls Wildcraft Bags come in really handy as they have more space than what looks from the outside.

Wildcraft Bags now available online with SafetyKart.com. Buy at attractive disounts, and awesome deals

Shop Wildcraft Backpacks on SafetyKart with attractive designs and awesome deals. Wildcraft Online has the widest and wildest range of products from Backpacks to Rucksacks.