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Midas Care started in 1986, with a dream to bring better products to people, to care. Today, Midas Care is one of India's most dynamic, youthful and fast growing pharmaceutical companies. Touching lives of millions across India, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and America, it is among the leading pharmaceuticals company in India. Every day at Midas Care they work harder, faster and smarter to ensure that their R&D, manufacturing services and their products across healthcare, personal care, home care and auto care help create a better life and increased value.

Midas Care houses several brands under its differed categories of product segments like healthcare, personal care, home and auto care among others. Few of its flagship brands include the ‘Clean and Dry’ Intimate Care products under its health care segment and the ‘Spraymint’ mouth fresheners and ‘Bodygard’ pepper sprays in its personal care range. Clean and Dry is one of the most trusted brands for feminine care and hygiene in India and the Spraymint mouth fresheners take pride in being the one second mouth freshener that is sugar free, non-alcoholic and purely herbal. Get the touch of Midas Care with Safetykart.