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Sandor Cool Touch Gel Pad

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Sandor Cool Touch Pads

Cool Touch is brand owned by Sandor Medicaids Pvt. Ltd.It is a medical device and drugs manufacturing & distribution firm. Since its inception in 1995 at Hyderabad, the company has focused on making high-tech biomedical and biotechnology products accessible to patients in India. Sandor is recognized as a pioneer in bringing “Point of Care” concept to India in 1996 in partnership with a leading Global Healthcare Company who was then searching for a local partner for distribution of their product.

The brand cool touch offers an exclusive product “Cooling Gel Pads” which is available in three ranges to suit the needs of adults, children as well as babies. It provides a cooling sensation that helps to dissipate heat related discomfort conditions and is intended to be used as a co-adjuvant in cases of elevated temperature, giving relief and a pleasant cooling effect. The local reduction of the forehead temperatures improves rest conditions and, eventually, helps to recover strengths and energies. This product is extremely safe to use with medication. Grab the exciting offers on this cool product range being offered on Safetykart.