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Pee Buddy

PeeBuddy is the brain child of Delhi based organization FIRST STEP PROJECTS & has started out with the mission to put to rest all the inconveniences women have to experience using public toilets. As the name suggests, PeeBuddy is a touted to become a female’s best buddy for unfriendly toilets! Now in all unfriendly toilets women can STAND & PEE. A Simple, use & throw product, it comes with very simple Usage instructions (Open - Place - Pee - Throw) & is a respite for the bladders of those females who completely squirm at the thought of public toilets or find it a rather cumbersome procedure to crouch over or cover the toilet seat with the toilet paper.

With the condition of public restrooms in India still eyeing for massive growth in terms of volume and the maintenance and hygiene level, it becomes a huge challenge for women while using them at hospitals, flights, trains etc. Thus, with an innovative product like PeeBuddy women can now enjoy the freedom and hygiene while using public washrooms without having to use the toilet seats. This way they can protect themselves from major infections like UTIs. Embrace your safety with Safetykart’s offering of PeeBuddy products.