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Pelican Progear From Pelican Inc

Pelican ProGear is the series of products that deal with safety of people on travel or for the products at home. The products have a wide array of genre, like camera backpack, camera case, laptop case, heads up LED flash lights and tablet or iPhone cases. The products give full protection from all external damage including sun, wind, moisture, water, snow etc. and keep your gadgets safe and harmless. The waterproof camera case with foam is another trusted gear of Pelican.

It is the global manufacturer of rugged protective cases, advanced lighting systems and shipping containers. The products are generally preferred and used by police, firefighters, defence, aerospace, entertainment and industrial consumers. These products are designed and built to last for a lifetime. Camera backpack and tablet case are another eminent ranges of Pelican ProGear.

It exceeds the demands of normal use with a high professional performance and a guarantee. It cares for the quality of the products, good engineering and the impact on the customers.

It puts cutting edge, rugged dependability within consumer reach by combining case technology into protective backpacks for electronic goods like laptops, tablets and other digital gears. Pelican ProGear makes this same Pelican DNA accessible to everyday day consumers.

Pelican was founded by Dave Parker in California in 1976. He recognized the need for rugged cases and flashlights that would not leak or fail. Since, then the brand is in news and use.

Pelican ProGear is an international brand that is available in the countries where Pelican is available and has made its expansion like in India, Turkey, South Korea and South Korea. Recently, Pelican acquired Trimcast Pty.Ltd that is an Australian based custom packaging solutions provider. Pelican ProGear products became a reality with its product patent, the Pelican Float.