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About AGU

For many years AGU has provided comfort and sportiness on a bike ride for a large group of people. Every time they make sure that technique, comfort and appearance are combined and processed in their bike gear. The process from idea to a full collection of clothing is a long one, and never without struggles. Every time though, AGU proudly presents the result of their efforts. For every bike ride AGU has the proper, high quality clothing, which has provided cyclists with a good feeling every time they hit the road. This Alkmaar Netherlands based company promotes its sports fashion line under the eponymous brand AGU.

The brand AGU stands for the latest sport fashion trends, and combines them with high tech materials designed with the help of internal and external designers. All materials and all produced articles of the highest quality and are thoroughly tested before being sold. AGU delivers a great diversity of articles from bicycle bags, rainwear and cycling wear, to helmets, glasses, shoes and casual sportswear. The amazing sports glasses by AGU are one of the most durable and trendiest glasses in the market that provide the best protection for your eyes from the harmful UV rays.