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ShockWatch - Impact Indicators, Impact Recorders, Tilt Sensors, Temperature Data Logger & Cold Chain Solutions

ShockWatch specializes in Damage Prevention Products and provides excellent solutions to customers concerned about damages during transit. They deal with Shipping and handling Monitors and Cold Chain products. They deal with protection of product warranty positions,monitors products when in transit and eliminates concealed damage to products by impact indicator and tilt sensor technology.

ShockWatch evolved with new innovations. They cater to the needs of customers around the globe to find the right solutions to deter mishandling and reduction in costs. ShockWatch was founded in 1974 in Dallas, Texas. ShockWatch expanded the capabilities beyond Impact Sensors to create a new class of products on damage prevention. Shock Sensors are ideal for measuring shock and vibration. 

ShockWatch stickers range is widely stationed at a number of places around the globe to detect shipment damage, whether on impact, temperature or tilt. They provide manufacturers with tools to protect their goods during transit,maintain their reputation for quality products and sustain their bottom line.
Manufacturers rely upon distribution channels to ensure safe damage-free delivery. However one of the best solutions is to protect them with ‘ShockWatch’.