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Repellers India LLP is a newly formed company involved in the manufacturing and imports of water purifiers, anti-mosquito repellent products and pain-relief products. It promotes its anti-mosquito range of products under the brand Runbugz. Runbugz provides a purely natural and innovative relief from mosquitoes through its powerful scent of the mixture of citronella, eucalyptus, and lemon oil that repel mosquitoes. Runbugz products are ideal for use by children and infants.

Runbugz range of mosquito repellants is available in various easy to use varieties like anti-mosquito patches, anti-mosquito bands, lotions, sprays and floor cleaners. The entire collection of Runbugz products are packaged in attractive packaging and the main highlight of the products are the printed patches which are being introduced in India for the first time. The product has been introduced in plain colors as well as in highly attractive German printed designs such as smiley's and animal cartoons to give them a cool look. These patches are completely natural, deet-free and non-toxic and also stay waterproof and last upto 24 hours. With the exclusive range of mosquito repellents by Runbugz available on Safetykart, you can say good bye to diseases like malaria and dengue in an absolutely natural way.