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About Colormex

The brand Colormex is a gateway to the best selection of health care products. The products are marketed and manufactured by Colormex International Ltd that specializes in manufacturing various healthcare and environment-protection products and mainly produces mosquito repellent patch and mosquito killer. As a leading supplier in Hong Kong, the company has a competitive technical team which has used its expertise and experience to create a range of specialist products dedicated to the health and beauty of your life.

Colormex offers products in three broad categories that are health care, foot care and personal care. One of the primary product ranges under its canopy is the 100% natural mosquito repellents which is an outcome of its unwavering business focus on development of environment-friendly products. These mosquito repellents under the sub-brand Mosbito are available in various innovative forms and designs like patches, wrist bands and much more. These non-toxic biodegradable mosquito repellents contain citronella oil that repels mosquito without causing any side effects like irritation. Grab the easy to use Mosbito mosquito repellents from Colormex on Safetykart for a natural mosquito free comfort.