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NT cutter from Japan is a well-established and reputed brand from Japan that manufactures and markets all-purpose cutters. It was established in the year 1948 and was awarded patent rights for producing and selling of NT Cutters in 1959. Since then the company has grown significantly and is renowned worldwide for its quality and brand value. Though it is still headquartered and has its manufacturing facilities in Japan, the brand has grown immensely in terms of its international presence over the years.
NT cutters offer a variety of different cutters that find application in various activities ranging from small activities like paper cutting to other heavy duty cutting jobs. The NT cutter brand is known for its high quality and finest designs and is specially known for its innovative snap-off blades. It offers different ranges of heavy duty snap off cutters and also specialty knives like stainless steel knives, cartridge knife, plastic cutters, leather cutters and many more. NT cutters are also available in the art and crafts utility variety. NT cutters and blades are an evidence of the precision and quality consciousness that goes into the Japanese manufacturing techniques. The blades and cutters pass through stringent inspections for hardness, sharpness and smoothness. They are made from high-quality Carbon Tool Steel that makes ensures that they are of the best quality and are extremely durable, sharp and offer the best quality edge retention.The blades from NT cutter are quite safe and comfortable to use. You can select from the wide range of high quality NT cutter products available on Safetykart and would definitely find the perfect blade for any type of use.