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Warmee Self-Heating Warmer Online

Chilly winters and biting colds will no longer be your harsh and cruel foes, with this amazing body warming products by the exciting brand Warmee. The brand is marketed by the Mumbai based company Pantheon PharmaChem that was established in 2001 by a group of chemical engineers from elite institutes of India who had a rich experience of more than 15 years in this domain. With a continuous focus on quality and innovation, this brand has always strived to understand the customers’ needs and simplify science to produce goods that help improve the quality of people’s lives.
Warmee’s special body warmers not only insulate your body’s warmth but are also self-heating in nature and do not use any external source of heating. It uses the innovative technology of inactivated iron that on exposure to air oxidize to provide natural heat which is safe and non-toxic. To get the best out of Warmee’s body warmers one can just keep these compact pouches in the enclosed regions of clothing and get instantaneous warmth and relief from cold. Warmee is a trusted friend of kids to the elderly and is quite handy for sports enthusiasts and people engaging in outdoor activities especially. Safetykart’s concern for your health and safety brings you the exclusive products from Warmee for you comfort and well-being and to keep you safe from the cold pangs of winter.